Personal Tax Advice

We are all too aware of how much tax we pay, either directly or indirectly on a day to day basis.  By undertaking a review of your individual circumstances together with understanding your future aims, it may be possible to help reduce the tax burden.

But for Tax Planning to be effective, it needs to be an ongoing relationship, frequently clients advise that a transaction or event has taken place by which time it is too late to act.

Given that often its the simple planning opportunities which save the most tax, for example ensuring that capital disposals are made at the correct time to fully utilise allowances available or utilising inter-spouse exemptions prior to a disposal, a brief telephone call or meeting to discuss any potential transactions will always be beneficial.

Self-Assessment Tax Returns

Self-Assessment Tax Returns are not only issued to people with complex tax affairs, but also any individual who receives:

  • Income from Self-Employment or from a Partnership
  • Rent from land or buildings
  • Overseas income
  • Any other Gross Income

Will also be required to complete and submit a Tax Return together with any individual who is a Director of a company.

Whilst the HMRC adverts want you to believe 'Tax doesn't need to be taxing' given the continued amendments to tax legislation, rates and allowances the piece of mind we can provide will be invaluable.

We will request the necessary information from you well in advance of the filing deadline, prepare your return to include the calculation of your liability and advise you of this together with the relevant dates for payments.  Having obtained your agreement to the content of the return, this will be filed electronically on your behalf.