VAT Returns

The ever changing scope and regulations within the VAT regime ensure that the same questions are asked by clients time and time again. 

  • When do businesses need to be registered for VAT?
  • Would it be beneficial for my business to be VAT registered?
  • Are there any schemes available to help 'small' business who are registered for VAT?
  • What rate of VAT should be applied to a specific service or supply? 

As a result, if your business is not currently VAT registered we will ensure that we review this on an VAT_Returns.pngannual basis so that turnover thresholds are not being breached and we will advise you if you become close in order that this may be monitored more closely. 

We will also discuss with you, whether it may be worthwhile taking the option of voluntary registration as this may improve the credibility of your business and depending upon your clients or customers, may have no impact upon your competitiveness. 

During the above, we will also discuss with you whether any of the specific schemes available to small businesses may be of interest or indeed beneficial. 

If VAT registration is required, we will of course be there to help and infact undertake the majority of the process on your behalf. 

If you are VAT registered we are more than happy to prepare and submit your VAT return using the now mandatory online facility taking away the hassle and freeing up more of your precious time.